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Newcomers Support

Newcomers Support Program

The goal of the Newcomer Settlement Program is to help newcomers to integrate and fully engage in all aspects of Canadian life: social, economic, political, cultural, and help them along the way in their journey to maximize their participation and contribution to Canadian society to make them feel at home.

We have a comprehensive list of support programs to provide help with all aspects of new immigrant experience so that other newcomers can benefit from these and make their life easier when they start their journey in Canada.

How does the program work?

  • Needs Assessment

    A formal review of the person’s (newcomer) needs across the broad spectrum of settlement and integration is done. Personalized service plans are developed to help them with their specific needs in regard to integration and settlement.

  • Settlement Advice and Assistance

    Finding accommodation, getting a phone plan, opening a bank account, information about the transit modes and routes, getting a driver’s license and help in other areas which touches day to day life.

  • Education

    Information of enrolment in daycares, schools and universities, admission process, timelines, and other specialized information based on the person requirements.

  • Financial Information

    Help them understand different financial plans and programs such as Canada Child Benefit, Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), investments, Life Insurance, Term Insurance, Rental Insurance, Home Insurance, Employment Insurance, Tax clinics (individual and small businesses) for guidance on filing income tax, incorporating a company, starting a business. Information and support how to reduce debt, grow your savings, improve your credit score and achieve financial goals.

  • Employment Assistance

    Preparing candidates for the Canadian job market, having Information sessions on CV/Resume and cover letter writing, providing interview tips and conducting mock interviews with Human Resource professionals and leaders in the industry, providing information about job portals, having job search workshops, Effective networking and job search strategies, Information sessions on Canadian workplace culture, Information sessions on education bridging programs and certifications need to enter into regulated and semi-regulated professions, Job referral for suitable candidates by community members into their respective organizations, webinars by professionals to share their success stories in their respective fields, and provide information on the pathways to achieve success in a new country.

  • Health Information

    Information sessions on healthcare facilities (primary and tertiary) in Alberta, how to find a family doctor, 811 and 911 services, Opportunity to participate in wellness programs such as Yoga, meditation programs and breathing exercises, mental health support programs, talk shows with registered dieticians and nutritionists, opticians.

  • Social and cultural Integration

    Programs for adults and children as well as seniors to learn about different cultures in Canada and share their own cultural traditions through various public sessions such as art and craft, music and dance, storytelling, group cooking/baking sessions, religious events for all religious groups

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